Cabin Floor Plans Blueprints

Cabin Floor Plans Blueprints 24 x 32 Loft

cabin plans

The Cabin Plan

We all have a cabin memory. Or a cabin dream. The little place where the family vacationed when we were young. Tiny cot-filled cabins at summer camp. The honeymoon cabin. The cabin we built when the kids were small- or the cabin we want to build when the kids are grown. We remember our own cabins, or we recall some shared national memory.

The truth is, in function- if not always in form- modern cabins are no different from those historical ones, except that people today usually don’t live in their cabins full-time; we escape to them instead. Retreating to these tight, safe quarters in the woods, by the water, in the mountains gives us the pleasures of an older, slower lifestyle. Usually it’s just for a weekend, though some of us manage to escape there for good.

Cabin Floor Plans

floor plans

The Cabin Floor Plans

The Special Qualities of Cabins

Though they may look very different from north to south, mountain to field, there’s something special about cabins, something that sets them apart from small houses. It’s often only a matter of the feeling a cabin evokes. While there are no clearly defined rules about what makes a cabin unique, there are several characteristics that make a cabin a cabin. Although all cabins may not share all of the following features, each cabin conveys the very essence of a shared spirit.
The site is chosen for its natural beauty. A cabin offers easy access to the outdoors, both through exterior rooms and through great views from inside. A cabin adds to the land, never dominating it.
A cabin provides simple, basic shelter. It isn’t fancy. It doesn’t try to make a social statement, as houses often do. A small, efficient floor plan is all it needs.
Overlapping activities take place within the compact quarters. Thus a cabin promotes companionship and community spirit.
Everybody feels at home right away. A cabin’s furnishings are simple, often treasured family hand-me-downs. Its sleeping lofts, tucked under the eaves, evoke memories of childhood. Its fireplace or woodstove provides physical and emotional warmth.

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