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Affordable Small Cottage Plan

cottage plan

Small cottage plan

Cottage house plans are usually small and are only one, or perhaps one-and-a-half stories tall. Cottages originated in Medieval Europe as housing for farm workers families, and they were built of stone or inexpensive local materials such as thatch. Nowadays small cottage house plans are usually used by retirees whose families have moved away, or as summer vacation or weekend getaway homes by people who live in cities. These cottages are often built on lakes or near the ocean, or in forested areas where there is hiking, fishing, or hunting. Cottages have a cozy, comfortable feeling to them which goes along with life in the country.

cottage plans

Small cottage plans

Cottages are for people who are seeking simplicity and the tranquility of nature. Cottage living often includes gardening and being out of doors, so many cottage home plans  include porches or patios. Other plans are specially designed to take advantage of natural topographical features of the house site such as hillside views, scenic vistas, even plans for narrow or wedge-shaped lots. The advantages of cottage living are economy Рsmall dwellings are inexpensive to build, to heat, and to maintain. Usually cottage plans are for single family dwellings, but there are also multi-family plans which are ideally suited as rental or investment properties.

cottage plans

The small cottage

Since cottages are small and relatively inexpensive, and also since they are often second homes, building the cottage of your dreams can be easier and more fun than building a formal, first house. Do-it-yourself can have a great time crafting their own cottage; or, one can be in touch with a reputable local builder who can do the job for them.
So when you are ready for the cottage house plans to make your dream home, come to us. Whether you want small cottage house plans, ranch style, English stone, or beach cottage home plans, House Plans and More has the largest selection of cottage plans in the world and the expertise to guide you in making your dream come true.

Small Cottages are really very cozy and comfortable where you can either enjoy your vacations or spend your life after retirement. The design, plan and style of the cottage depends a lot on the location, availability of material, weather conditions and your own personal likings. Cottage houses are for those people who are looking for beauty and the harmony of nature.
The cottages were originally very popular in Medieval Europe where they were used by small families living on farms, but today cottages are used for completely different purpose. They are used by retirees or by people for summer vacations and weekend getaways.









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