Garage Workshop Plans Blueprints

Garage Workshop Plans Blueprints 28’ x 38’ x 12’

The Front side

The Front Side


The Back View

We have just finished another garage plan. Here are the initial details from the custom order

  • 28’x28′ garage
  • 8″ stem wall foundation
  • 12′ 2’x6′ stud walls
  • Attic Trusses
  • Pull down stairs for access to attic
  • 1 – 10’x12′ garage door centered
  • 2 – 3′ man doors – 1 on each side of garage 8′ from rear wall ( I think that my drawing shows it 8′ centered, but I would like the edge 8′ from back wall)
  • 1 – 3′ man door on front wall near garage door, I would like minimum required space between garage door and man door, while allowing for electrical switches
  • 1 – 3′ window in garage rear wall
  • 1 – 3′ window in attic gable end
  • The electrical layout on the sample plan you send looked fine, use whatever layout you normally use.

Original cost to design these custom plans = $200.00Available in PDF $19.95 or DWG $39.95

If you are interested in this plan or a custom plan let us know we have over 400 garage plans.

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